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Audits (Health Checks)


You wouldn't let your body miss out on a health check
so why would you do the same to your website?

This is a quick way to discover what sections need improvement.

Audits - Benefits to Your Business

  • Learn what Google likes/dislikes about your website & where to improve
  • See how Google displays your website in searches to potential clients
  • Discover if you using your main keywords in all the right places
  • Know if your website has the right technical foundations in place
  • Find out if your website displays you as the professional that you are
  • Knowledge of if your website is secure for current and future visitors
  • Gain an outside perspective on the client journey with a fresh set of eyes
  • Find out what people are saying online about the services you provide
  • Learn how your images could be better optimized to drive more visitors

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Having an audit compiled for the online presence of your business is an extremely powerful tool as it demonstrates where the good and not so good are.

This can help to give you a better insight into sections of your website that you may not usually think about, such as how new visitors usually discover you.

You'll obtain an insight into many different important and crucial elements such as how user-friendly your website is, and what Google needs from you.

The audit will consist of a 100 Point Checklist, and you will receive a document with the results of each and what they mean (in normal words, no nerdy jargon).

The audit will also contain a score of how well your website did and what our future recommendations are for the improvement of your online presence.

You may be asking yourself the following questions;

  • - Does Google know about my website to show people in search results?
  • - Have I used my main keyword in all the correct places for Google?
  • - Is everything working as it should on my website?
  • - Does my website correctly work on all devices?
  • - What elements can I start implementing on for a better ROI on my website?

All of the above questions are things that are on the mind of many business owners but they never get the answers and are always left in the dark about them.

You now have the opportunity to be the small percentage of business owners that has access to these answers and will know where you can make improvements.

We're looking forward to doing a deep dive into your online presence! Click the button below to contact us and we can get to work A.S.A.P.

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