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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to bid on the keywords your customer use to find you on Google.

Get to the top of Google instantly.

SEM - Benefits to Your Business

  • Get above the competition from day #1 for higher Google rankings
  • We review and adapt ads on your behalf for better future conversions
  • Shopping ads allow your customers to see your offers immediately
  • Over a decade of experience in choosing high converting keywords
  • Geo-targeting can show your ad to those customers only in your area
  • Ad extensions give your customer more information for better results
  • You can set an advertising budget that you are comfortable with
  • We can access the most successful keywords for higher conversions
  • Specific keyword targetting to get your website in front of customers

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If your website is brand new and you immediately want to reach people who are searching for products/services that you provide, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the correct path for you.

Even if your site has been around a while and you are looking to boost website views, increase sales conversions, or bring in a totally new target demographic, SEM will work for you also.

You only ever pay if your ad is clicked, meaning you can still get brand awareness by being at the top of Google and have your business in front of people, essentially for free.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be configured to target your perfect demographic.

You may be asking yourself the following questions;

  • - How much does it cost to advertise with Google?
  • - Do I need this if my website has good SEO?
  • - Is this a case of 'set it and forget it'?
  • - I've tried Google ads before and they don't work! Why will it be different this time?
  • - Can I track what people are clicking on and how many times?

All of the above points are common concerns and the answer always differs for each individual business. The best thing to do would be to fill out the information on our Get Started page as this will allow us to give you a much more detailed answer based on your own business needs. 

Here's to welcoming you into the digital age of business! Click the button below to get started.

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